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Q :How do I know what size waist trimmer to order? 

A : To find out what size Waist Trimmer is right for you, please measure your waist with a tape measure. Order according to your waist size :

Size S:Waist 26.4"-28.3"

Size M: Waist 28.4"-30.3"

Size L:Waist 30.4"-32.3" 

Size XL: Waist 32.4"-34.3" 
Q: How to maintain the Waist Trimmer ?
A: Use tweezers to remove stubborn debris. Avoid being too rough with the Velcro fasteners when cleaning them. This may cause the loops to break. Gently pull the Velcro away from the fabric when removing the Waist Trimmer from your mid-section. Also, alternate the placement of the straps. This will avoid constant wear to one area of the fabric. We are not responsible for wear and tear that may occur after using the Waist Trimmer.